SOC Uplift

Companies and businesses are facing a new challenge in the form of cyberattacks and ransomware. No one and no data are safe. Organizations are putting tremendous effects in their network just to safeguard from breaching their data. A cyberattacks lock companies out of their systems.

Enterprises and startups are still finding ways to cope up with the many upcoming challenges. But Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides a critical security function in managing cyber risk and compliance.  As we know hackers are creating new paths to attack by making use of loopholes on target. So, to avoid those attacks, and to secure the organization it requires 24/7 SOC monitoring team.

SOC aims at detecting and containing attacks and breaches in the shortest timeframe, limiting the potential impact and damage that an incident may have by providing real-time monitoring and analysis of suspicious events.

All it includes-

  • Establishing awareness of assets.
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Managing logs and responses
  • Ranking alerts.
  • Checking compliance.

3Columns SOC team is a qualified set of skilled experts, they manage and overlook at the gaps and attacks by monitoring capability and detect the threats which might impacts the organization infrastructure.

Enable your SOC structure today with 3Columns and discuss how SOC service from 3Columns can uplift cyber incident management capability and improve risk and compliance posture.

SOC Uplift

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