Managed SOC

Our 24/7 Managed Security Operation Center (SOC) lets you focus on your business by addressing potential threats, ensuring the Cyber resilience and agility your business demands.

“Over 60% of companies world wide are not actively monitoring logs or network activity”

our Certifications

We offer the skills and expertise you need to safeguard your cloud infrastructure and digital assets from cyber threats

Protecting your cloud environments from ransomware and other malicious threats is critical. 3Columns managed SOC has the complementary skills and tools to proactively take care of your cloud security. We ensure that any event is dealt with swiftly and consistently to ensure your business minimises any impact.

Don't let any Malicious activity or Log go unnoticed

Businesses are consuming more and more applications from the cloud; this leaves no visibility of malicious activity via firewall. Lean IT teams have no time to investigate logs proactively.

The growing gap in advanced technology and lack of in-house capability leaves businesses vulnerable.

Unnoticed Security Events

You must have a huge list of tools and a workforce to monitor your cloud environment for any malicious activity continuously. Without the managed security operations centre (SOC), security events and your data on the Dark Web will go unnoticed.

Non Compliant

Businesses are consuming applications from the cloud, and the work from home policy is making firewall logging useless. Less traffic is traversing the firewalls leaving IT and Security teams blind.

Malicious Insider Activity

Sometimes the threat is not hackers from other countries; malicious activity can originate from within the trusted network. This could lead to unintentional damage to the network and data leakage.

We proactively monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7

We act as your extended team and provide you with that extra workforce, State of the art Next-Gen tool set, and knowledge. Our security operations centre (SOC) as a service ensures that your IT infrastructure is always protected from growing cyber threats.

Managed Services

24/7 Monitoring

We proactively monitor your whole IT infrastructure using Next-gen tools. We detect and act on any malicious activity faster than it affects.

Incident management

Incident Respond

We not only detect but also assist your organizations in building a robust plan against malicious activity and provide support at every step.

Cloud Architecture

Continous Scanning

Our team not only actively monitor but also run regular scans to ensure that vulnerabilities are proactively discovered and patched.

Want to make sure your business has the right skills and tools to keep your business safe without the added costs?

Learn about cyber security

There’s no one size fits all solution for cyber security services. While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe, we follow a proven 3 step system to ensure a business has the highest level of security possible.

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