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Cloud service providers only cover the security of the Cloud itself, while the responsibility for your business data in the cloud, remains yours

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You need to be 100% confident that your Cloud platform has all the right security controls embedded in it from day one, and are regulary monitored to avoid an adversary discovering that for you.

Few businesses realise that cloud service providers only cover the security of the cloud itself, not their customer’s data. Companies using the cloud remain responsible for securing their data stored in whatever cloud service may be being used. This highlights the need to deploy cloud security solutions that span the whole cloud spectrum.


Monitoring all of these instances, regardless of the vendor, should be standard practice for today’s businesses, yet alarmingly, few do and even fewer realise the severity of their potential exposure.

Vulnerable Cloud platform is the biggest risk to your business

More and more companies are embracing the Cloud journey and yet Cyber security are sometimes forgotten.

This is a leading source of cloud data breach.

Data Loss

As more and more applications and data are moving to the Cloud, this rapid increase in Cloud adoption has resulted an increase of data breaches, and in some cases data is left unencrypted on the internet for hackers to exploit.

Reputation Loss

Your customers and partners trust your Cloud Security controls to manage data in the Cloud, not having the right controls can result in a data breach and loss of reputation.

Open Vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities are getting discovered everyday, hackers are hunting for loopholes everyday non-stop.

Secure your cloud platform before its too late

We not only understand Cloud platforms very well, we also understand the Cyber Security controls required by your organisation and your relevant compliance requirements too.

Gap Analysis

Vulnerability Scanning

Hardening Cloud platform

Worried that your business may more exposed in the cloud than you had thought?

Learn about cyber security

There ‘s  no one size fits all solution for cyber security services.While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe,we follow a proven 3 step system to ensuring a business has the highest level of security possible. 

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