2020 Trends that Will Transform the IT Consulting Industry

IT Consulting industry

Various social, economic and technological changes are shaping the IT consulting industry today, and organizations need to know what trends will emerge that will affect their business. Here are six trends in the IT consulting industry that will transform the way you do business in 2020. Personalized Customer Experience Customers today have become more aware […]

Compliance Readiness & Independent Assessment

Compliance Readiness and Independent Assessment

With the enhancement of technology and the number of devices we are using on a regular basis the chances of breaching and mitigation are also increasing at the same level. Hackers and attackers are becoming more powerful, there are ways to stop their control on our network but that doesn’t mean we are completely secure […]

3rd Party Risk Assessment

3rd party risk assessment

Third-party risk assessment is essential for protecting your organization from a variety of threats but developing and overseeing a third-party risk management (TPRM) program can be extraordinarily resource intensive. The need is real – more than half of security breaches today originate with a third party. Yet the sheer volume of partners, vendors and other […]

Our Policies & Standards

cybersecurity policies & standards

Every company needs cybersecurity policies, standards and procedures to be secure and compliant. Proper IT governance policies and standards within an organization are critical. Implement a formal risk assessment process and develop policies to ensure that systems are not misused and ensure that applicable policies are continually reviewed and updated to reflect the most current […]

About Security Awareness and Training

Security Awareness

Empower people to protect their organization. No matter how advanced your security technology every organization risk has associated with its workforce. Human risk is difficult to quantify because stakeholders must consider every type of threat, malicious, negligent, and unwitting. Investing in a holistic program to educate and empower everyone who touches your network, inherently reduces […]

NIST/COBIT Framework

NIST/COBIT Framework

The opportunity for organizations of all sizes to have their data compromised grows as the number of devices that store confidential data increases. It has become a big concern for all business owners and technology executives. There are voluntary frameworks which can be used to consider the risk assessment and related best practices. For example, […]

ACSC 8 or Australian Essential 8 for cyber security

Australian Essential 8 for cyber security

Have you ever wondered why government wants to secure your data? They have nothing to relate with your business but still they are implementing new policies just to ensure your business is safe from cyber-attacks and breaching You are already known what we are getting at here so here is a simple question for you- […]

PCI Consulting

Secured by 3Columns, we are providing a wide range of security services by suggesting the best Security products designed to meet the highest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). With are guidance and services of the security products your organization will be able to build and reach PCI DSS compliance effortlessly, protecting both […]

ISO27001 Assessment & Guidance

ISO 27001 is suitable for all organizations worldwide, large or small and across all business sectors ISO 27001 is a practical framework and functional guidelines to help improve information security and be complaint worldwide in terms of information security of your organization. Due to the wide-ranging nature of data storage and protection, you will need […]

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