IoT Testing

Human beings have evolved to develop a handful of extra necessities for living. We have evolved to make our life, simpler, better, easier. In the era, where technology has become the biggest facilitator of our livelihood. From Controlling our mobile devices to running each essential our life digitally is a different new approach.

  We are becoming more receptive to technology in our daily routine. But every good thing has a dark    side. You are not aware of the devices you are using could have access to your data and it can easily breach your network.

The ever-increasing number of applications that are being developed continually expands the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. With such rapid expansion, organizations need to ensure that these applications are continuously and thoroughly tested before being implemented in this connected world of devices we call IoT.

Make sure your IoT devices are safe and ready to tackle the challenges related to:

  • Data security
  • Security threats
  • Access management
  • 3rd-party data sharing

At 3Columns, we follow all the Service Level Agreements (SLA) items and ensure timely monitoring, maintenance, and supporting of all IoT products we test. We focused on our customer requirements and we organize our testing process in a way so that our customer can get maximum benefits from the IoT technologies they are using.

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