Cyber security for Small and Medium Businesses

“43% of cyberattacks target small businesses”

You need to be 100% confident that your online presence is increasing your brand and business value. Don't let  hackers exploit that.

In this digital age online presence is the face of your business. Hacking techniques are evolving and the data value is going up, creating a lucrative business for hackers. This is making every business vulnerable. Penetration Testing provides the assurance that your IT infrastructure and Applications are safe.

Here's what can happen to your business:

Ransomware attacks are up to 165%, Email Phishing scam are up by over 600%. If you don’t have security controls and processes in place,your business is exposed to some really big risks.

Data Loss

Hackers steal your Company data
and sell it on Dark Web

Insider Threats

Ex-employees could cause your system
integrity problems if their access is not removed


What's your data worth?Hackers can steal it and hold it for ransom if you don't protect it.

Don't become another Victim

Lots of small and medium businesses have lost millions due to cyber  attacks . The cyber criminals are on lookout 24/7 and looking for vulnerabilities in your Digital asset. They might not attack your business  directly, but can use your infrastructure to attack others.

Losing over $1M in a few

In May 12,as the Wall Street Journal reports, a 100-employee mannequin company in Brooklyn last more than $1.2 million from its bank accounts in a matter of hours due to a cyberattack.

Unable to pay their staff

After receiving a fake email convincing him to update his bank passwords,one business owner woke up to find his business account completely drained-on a payday when his employees were expecting their checks.

Legal Actions

Any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data collected by your company is your responsibility. Data Theft can lead to a legal action against the Executive Team of your organisation.

How 3Columns can help you secure your business

3Columns highly certified consultants have years of experience in providing Security Advisory services to Large Enterprise and Small to Medium business in very vertical. We provide a vendor agnostic approach to protect your business from the emerging Cyber threat. We are one of those few companies who can offer you end-end Cyber security solution starting from Defining and Cyber strategy to assist in selecting the right tools, setup the right controls, test the controls and provide ongoing management.


Define Strategy

Our GRC consultants work with stakeholders and define a business strategy

Sec Assure

Test Control Effectiveness

We are not only fully capable to deploy any required controls, but we can assist in testing the effectiveness as well

Managed Services

Managed Service

We provide 24/7 Managed service for all the required controls to ensure your business is safe.

Worried that your business might be exposed and need some assistance in putting together a right strategy ?

Learn about cyber security

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to cyber security services. While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe, we follow a proven 3 step system to ensure your business has the highest level of security possible. 

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