Bringing Security & IT together

While most companies offer IT and security solutions separately, one cannot work without the other. Observing this problem is why 3Columns was founded.

“More than 77% of organizations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan”

Rapidly changing and adapting to new ways of working is critical to remaining competitive in today's rapidly changing digital world. As everything becomes digital the ways a business works keep changing, making it far too easy to forget about the inherent risks of this new digital world.

We make adopting digital change easier and safer for businesses, by complementing your IT capability with our security expertise and experience, focused on ensuring security is considered, assessed and embedded into every element of your business infrastructure. We do this using practical and least expensive approaches, that we can stand by over the long-term in partnership with our customers.

Why we are different

We make adopting digital change easier and safer for businesses, by complementing your IT capability with our security expertise and experience. Taking a comprehensive approach, our focus is on ensuring your cyber security is considered, assessed and embedded into every element of your business infrastructure, ensuring the highest levels of protection. Providing a practical and cost-effective approach allows the opportunity for long standing partnerships with our clients. There whenever you need us, to help where we can.

No business should underestimate the devastating impact that cyber-crime can cause, however, we appreciate it may not always be the core focus. Here at 3Columns we take the load of this often-heavy threat, so that you can concentrate on success without the worry of a detrimental cyber threat occurring.

Global experience – Working across almost every industry, in key markets globally, including both small and large companies our team of experts are incredibly well equipped to handle any cyber security demand.

Pragmatic approach – With our wealth of knowledge and experience, plus having worked with businesses of all sizes, we understand that minimizing cost is a priority for most. Keeping this is mind, we always work with your business to provide the best support possible and never recommend unnecessary solutions.

Agility is Key – We know that in the cyber space things often happen suddenly, which requires an immediate response. 3Columns is the partner you can rely on to react quickly with the right expertise to provide timely solutions to protect your business.

Our history

When a wave of crippling cyber security attacks occurred in 2017, targeting major organizations such as Sony, Equifax and (one more?) causing significant data theft and revenue loss consumer confidence was shattered, resulting in irreversible damage to their reputation. From here, 3Columns was formed to help fight against the ongoing threat of cyber-crime.

Having been a consultant for 15 years in the cyber security industry, Amit quickly realized the level of risk for small to medium sized business was also increasing significantly. Alongside these changes, an Australian law was introduced requiring companies to disclose privacy breaches. Realizing that the same companies who were vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks were now also at risk of being issued considerable financial penalties if not disclosing breaches resulted in a gap in the market for 3Columns to assist.

Being an expert in his field, Amit noticed how commonly firewalls were being used as a comprehensive cyber security solution, when, in actuality, the scope of risk was far broader than the easily targeted firewall offerings. Performing rigorous testing, and in most cases breaching firewalls of renowned businesses, Amit was able to pinpoint exactly where within their cyber network vulnerabilities exist and proceed to strengthen cyber security levels, protecting them from an inevitable attack.

Today 3Columns has grown into a team of experienced cyber security experts and engineers, at the top of their field. With incomparable knowledge, services and a genuine passion for their work, 3Columns paves the way for cyber security excellence.

Working closely with their clients to always offer the best solutions and a comprehensive range of technology, 3Columns are invested partners, together with you, for the long term.

Our Certifications and Panels

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