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Some experts will tell you that all you need is a good firewall to be safe, but there really is no one single solution for effective cyber security within today’s broad digital threat landscape.

“3columns identified key areas in our third-party developed applications that would have made us extremely vulnerable and were not noticed. Amit and his team have stayed with us to provide invaluable ongoing assurance and peace of mind that is unique in the industry."

Alastair Smith, Global Corp.

“Amit and his team have been a fundamental part of our company’s digital change and effective Cyber Security. They’re always knowledgeable, available and ready to step in and provide independent guidance and experience that gets the most out of technologies and minimises the risk. 3Columns really stands out from the crowd.”

Renato Molina, Evolve Housing

Our experience

Your business is unique in every way which makes it ever more important to apply a bespoke cyber security framework that is tailored to your specific needs. Ensuring every base is covered, 3Columns take a holistic approach to cyber security, adapting a multi-disciplined, cost effective and considered way of working to supplement your security team capabilities.

Our three guiding principles (3Columns) ‘Design, Assure, Govern’ stand as the foundation for our flexible expertise and services that cover:

Across the widest range of cloud and security technologies and hybrid environments.

Our expertise

Today’s cyber security landscape is broad and complex and not just about technologies. To get it right, you need the skills and expertise that span the full breadth from people, process, through to technology. That is where we are different.

Our expertise is built on effectively covering those by applying our 3Columns guiding principles: security design, security assurance and security governance.


Our 3Columns approach

3 essential guiding principles to maximise your security

There really is no one size fits all solution for good cyber security, but there are three guiding principles that if embraced, will ensure that your business has the highest level of security possible and that you can keep it that way, consistently, across People, Process and Technology.

Create a strong Foundation

Nothing can stand without a strong,secure foundation that was planned out by an expert.The first step to a fuly secure business is the perfect infrastructure by one of the Australia’s top cybersecurity Company.

Be sure of your security

In order for you to have peace of mind and be 100% sure your organization is secure, you’ll need to run assurance tests. With 3 COlumns, you’ll know for a fact that your organization is impenetrable.

Don’t get left behind

Hackers are always looking for new ways to crack your business. While good security design and full assurance is important, it means nothing without consistent governance.

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