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In this digital age online presence is the face of your business. Hacking techniques are evolving and the data value is going up, creating a lucrative business for hackers. This is making every business vulnerable. Penetration Testing provides the assurance that your IT infrastructure and Applications are safe.

Biggest Risk Associated with not having this service

In this section,you want to explain the risk of not having this service more in depth so people 

understand why it is that they need this service.

No Dedicated Resources

Many businesses are losing the cyber security battle as they do not have dedicated resources to combat the growing cyber security risk. The larger organisations can afford to have a dedicated resource who will just focus on cyber security. Unfortunately a small business cannot.

Lack of Strategy

A CISO is trained to understand your business goals and the plan for the upcoming years and according to that devise business cases to run relevant projects. Without this expertise there is a lack of strategy and wrong decisions may be made.

Wrong Investments

Without a CISO, you do not have a clear strategy. As a result, wrong investments can be made when choosing a security framework and/or or tools that you think will make your organisation cyber safe.

An effective top down approach to cyber resilience

3Columns security consultants have 20+ years experience working with big banks, utility companies and global organisations to put together a strategy and cyber security vision to protect their business. We provide a virtual ciso service who work with your executive team and board members through regular consulting exercises in orer to understand your business requirements, business goals and put together a strategy tailored to you. 3Columns will help you in executing it. 

CISO at fraction of a cost

Collective Expertise

Fast Onboarding

Worried that your network or applications may have more vulnerabilities  than you had thought?

Learn about cyber security

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to cyber security services. While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe, we follow a proven 3 step system to ensure your business has the highest level of security possible. 

Secure Cloud Architecture

Secure Cloud Architecture

Security offerings and capabilities continue to evolve and vary between cloud providers. And there was a

Why Does your organization require a vulnerability scan?

Why Does your organization require a vulnerability scan?

  There is an element of risk for every business, especially after the advent of digital

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