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“51% of businesses have experienced a denial of service attack”

Email is a powerful, low-cost communication tool that is fundamental to many business functions. However, its scalability and speed also make it a tempting prospect for cybercriminals. To secure your email ecosystem against evolving threats, a comprehensive defence strategy is needed that detects and blocks attacks, protects your brand, educates users and ensures business continuity at all times.


Two-thirds of business-critical data is communicated via email, which makes it a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Your email gateway is the first line of defence, and it needs to protect you from everything from malicious payloads to phishing attempts. A secure email gateway can place malicious emails into quarantine, block suspicious senders and greatly reduce the number of successful compromises.


While your secure email gateway can block emails containing malicious content, it can’t always detect identity-based, targeted attacks. Social engineering tactics make phishing emails look incredibly realistic. However, our solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioural analytics to sort the good email out from the bad and reduce the chances of a successful breach.


When it comes to any email attack, your employees are the last line of defence. It’s a crucial role within your email ecosystem but, remarkably, 90% of people can’t identify a well-crafted phishing email from a legitimate one. To help you create awareness and build a cyber-savvy culture, we provide a program of services including phishing simulations, Australian-themed videos and interactive training.


Spoofing of your domain and brand can seriously hurt your customers. By putting others at risk, you stand to reduce email engagement and brand trust. You will also have to cover the overheads for responding to email fraud incidents. Our email authentication standards can help you to lock down your domain and detect and take down fraudulent activity on look-alike domains.


While, most of the time, sent and received emails will sit passively, that doesn’t mean you don’t need them. Almost three-quarters of organisations have been ordered by a court to produce email. If you are subject to litigation, audits or requests, you need to know that you can find any requested data immediately. Our cloud archiving solution helps you to store a complete forensic copy of every email sent or received and to quickly find it with powerful eDiscovery capabilities.


You need to be 100% confident that your online presence is increasing your brand and business value. Don't let  hackers exploit that.

In this digital age online presence is the face of your business. Hacking techniques are evolving and the data value is going up, creating a lucrative business for hackers. This is making every business vulnerable. Penetration Testing provides the assurance that your IT infrastructure and Applications are safe.

Here's what can happen to your business:

Ransomware attacks are up to 165%, Email Phishing scam are up by over 600%. If you don’t have security controls and processes in place,your business is exposed to some really big risks.

Data Loss

Hackers steal your Company data
and sell it on Dark Web

Insider Threats

Ex-employees could cause your system
integrity problems if their access is not removed


What's your data worth?Hackers can steal it and hold it for ransom if you don't protect it.

Don't become another Victim

Lots of Enterprise companies have lost millions due to cyber  attacks .Read the stories
below to understand risks

Upto $4B in financial damages

Epsilon was the hit by a major data breach. Analyst predict the cost could reach $4 billion,not to mention the reputational damage caused.

Over 3 billion users'
information breached

In 2013 ,Yahoo was hacked & 3 billion of it's users imformation was stolen.To this day,people are still selling this information on the dark net,crushing Yahoo's reputation.

Losses in AUS & NZ

Multiple companies in Australia and New Zealand have fallen victim to the organised Cyber Security crime. Not only they lost data, some lost Share values, customers and in extreme case went out of business.

How 3Columns can help you secure your business

3Columns highly certified consultants have years of experience in providing Security Advisory services to Large Enterprise and Small to Medium business in very vertical. We provide a vendor agnostic approach to protect your business from the emerging Cyber threat. We are one of those few companies who can offer you end-end Cyber security solution starting from Defining and Cyber strategy to assist in selecting the right tools, setup the right controls, test the controls and provide ongoing management.


Define Strategy

Our GRC consultants work with stakeholders and define a business strategy

Sec Assure

Test Control Effectiveness

Not only we are capable of implementing the right controls, we can test the effectiveness of the existing controls as well.

Managed Services

Managed Service

We provide 24/7 Managed service for all the required controls to ensure your business is safe.

Worried that your business might be exposed and need some assistance in putting together a right strategy ?

Learn about cyber security

There ‘s  no one size fits all solution for cyber security services.While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe,we follow a proven 3 step system to ensuring a business has the highest level of security possible. 

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