SCADA Penetration Testing

SCADA Pen Testing — where SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. In straightforward terms, it defines a control system to control and monitor facilities & industrial infrastructure.

SCADA structure provides service and control for corporate networks, making them a critical part of any framework. With the growing security attacks, the security of the SCADA system is more important than ever.

With traditional security tests, the SCADA systems are left unchecked. To ensure its security, you should occasionally perform external evaluations like a Penetration test.

The Importance of Penetration Evaluation of SCADA System

The industry has generated a large base of relatively insecure structures, with chronic and pervasive vulnerabilities observed during security assessments. Performing SCADA penetration testing has become critical to securing the organisation from external threats.

By conducting the SCADA pen testing, organisations can identify areas where their security needs improvement. Here are some key points to note:

  • The test can identify security holes and provides you with the solutions,
  • With the help you such a method, you can identify the intruder,
  • Hackers, malware, and even employees can make the system useless. With the SCADA pentation method, you can address these risks before they happen,
  • With the test, you can determine which security channel is most vulnerable.

The Benefits of SCADA Penetration testing

  • The penetration test identifies potential vulnerabilities in organizations’ systems and architecture that could lead to a cyber attack. Doing this allows you to address problems before they become significant problems.
  • SCADA pen testing is cost-effective. A cyber attack will cost an organization a lot. According to the study, the average cost of a single breached record is $180. So, if an organization has 10,000 documents, a breach could cost them nearly $2 million.
  • Businesses can use penetration tests to ensure that their business compliance meets the security standards that apply to their industry.
  • The testing will protect customers’ trust by securing and protecting their information.
  • The weaknesses in an organization’s systems, applications, devices, and data will be revealed by penetration tests. The penetration tester’s findings can be used to decide which vulnerabilities need to be patched first.

The Methodologies for SCADA Pen Testing

  • Port Scanning
  • System Fingerprinting
  • Services Probing
  • Exploit Research
  • Manual Vulnerability Test and Verification
  • Manual Configuration Weakness Test and Verification
  • Administrator Privileges Escalation Test
  • Password Strength Test
  • Test of Network Equipment Security Controls

What You Can Get With 3Columns

3 Columns offers SCADA penetration testing services for PLCs, Modbus protocols, operator systems, network framework, and application test of control software with a clear penetration test report. Our highly skilled security testers conduct full assessments of the systems. They detect critical vulnerabilities and threats and generate industry-leading reports based on the findings. Further, vulnerabilities are divided according to their level of intensity, from immediate threats to general observations, in order to assist you in setting remediation priorities.

We have helped a lot of organizations to strengthen their security. Our SCADA pen testing method has assisted them in remaining secure in the most critical insecure environments. For additional information or clarification, our testers are available around the clock. Clients can also benefit from our highly experienced and skilled team regarding the report recommendations to reduce the danger of further cyberattacks.

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