SCADA Pen Testing

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. In very simple terms, SCADA defines a type of control system that is used to control and monitor facilities and industrial infrastructure.

The industry has generated a large base of relatively insecure systems, with chronic and pervasive vulnerabilities that have been observed during security assessments. To secured from external threats, it is become more important than ever to perform a SCADA testing within the organization.

Its Testing methodologies includes-

  • Port Scanning
  • System Fingerprinting
  • Services Probing
  • Exploit Research
  • Manual Vulnerability Testing and Verification
  • Manual Configuration Weakness Testing and Verification
  • Administrator Privileges Escalation Testing
  • Password Strength Testing
  • Network Equipment Security Controls Testing

3Columns SCADA penetration testing service provides specialized testing for SCADA networks.  We assess the vulnerability of the network and ensure the network is safe from external threats.

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