Managed SIEM as a Service

What SIEM is — It stands for Security Information and Event Management and refers to a group of software products that helps an organization keep an eye on security events in real-time.

The next generation of SIEM solutions has built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These advanced algorithms reduce a lot of noise and highlight the event that needs urgent attention.

Managed SIEM as a Service solution is a professional team with sophisticated software for you to have full visibility of your company’s cyber security. In that way, your organization can monitor, detect cyber threats and adopt safer actions.

Problem Statement & Hackers

The statistic shows us that an average company generates over 10GB logs/day which translates into millions of logs, generated by your network devices and cloud-based solution. Unfortunately, it is humanly impossible to go through all the logs on a daily basis. The logs that are being generated by the system hold vital information and sometimes provide you early Indicator of Compromise (IOC).

Apart from logs, organizations worldwide are struggling to recognize or discover vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. And that is giving hackers an opportunity who are relentlessly working to discover and exploit.

Different types of Managed SIEM solutions

There are a few different types of solutions and factors that dictate what SIEM (security information and event management) solution will be the best for your organization.

Implementing security information and event management as a part of an organization’s cyber security posture is possible in three modes:

  • On-premise SIEM
  • Cloud-based SIEM
  • Managed SIEM

Why do you need SIEM-as-a-Service?

No use of security information and event management is equivalent to driving in the fog and being unaware of what is coming on your way. In order to attain, full visibility of your entire infrastructure including SaaS applications and compliance requirements, a good SIEM Solution is important.

Depending on what SIEM suits your business requirements, it has become your business’s complex cyber security solution for the following reasons:

  • Full visibility – no more driving your organization’s cyber security in the foggy environment
  • Real-time monitoring- you can check what is going on in your whole security system
  • Time-saving – Respond to threats much faster than you expect
  • Flexibility – you can run a specific test that you can you are interested in
  • Compliance – see the status of the compliance
  • Log management – For your compliance requirements

What SIEM Solution is Best for Your Business

Modern SIEM offers a lot of features. Selecting a SIEM solution with the right feature set is very important. Some of the features that need to be considered are:

The solution is Cloud native backed by AI ML (Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning)

  • The solution can report your vulnerabilities
  • Ability to integrate with SaaS Applications
  • Security automation orchestration
  • Ability to integrate with custom applications

At 3Columns, Security Consultants deploy their experience in SIEM solutions. We help businesses to choose the right key for their organization.

Why Managed SIEM Solution to Secure Your Business

Building your own SOC team can be challenging and financially unfeasible for small to medium businesses, no matter what SIEM you select for your business.

Managed SIEM is the best solution that can help you give the best security coverage without breaking the bank. Your business needs protection 24/7 and managed SIEM provider can offer to give business peace of mind and support when required. Some of the benefits of working with managed SIEM provider are:

  • Centralized security of your whole organization’s safety
  • Your business will stay ahead of the latest threat
  • Sophisticated cyber security at a fraction of the cost
  • No additional staff is required from your company
  • Cost efficient – Hire many in-house IT staff. or you can have a fully managed professional SIEM team.

Why 3Columns?

3Columns is a young cyber security company with years of experience in providing cyber security solutions. We provide comprehensive cyber security services that cover your business requirements end to end. Our managed service is not only built on the best tools but also has in-depth knowledge and experience to provide you with the best security coverage for your service.

We complement our managed SIEM service with GRC, Penetration Testing, Incidence Response and Management, and Professional service capability. We partner with Government agencies like ACSC and use the best threat intelligence to provide for our customers. This allows our customers to focus on growing their business than worry about cyber threats.

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