Identify Access Management

Managing privileges and associating them with the provisioning of services, assets, and access are just as critical as shutting those privileges down when roles change or employees leave.  And maintaining user access and need-to-know basis privileges are essential to protecting sensitive data.  IAM projects often are overly complex, use a one-size fits all approach, and are driven solely by IT.

When companies tackle IAM effectively, they enjoy the benefits of empowered and trusted users who can connect to sensitive resources no matter where they are.  But to secure enterprise information in a compliant and cost-effective manner while providing adequate protection and an optimal user experience is complex and difficult, particularly in a boundaryless environment in which users leverage a variety of applications and tools – in the cloud, via mobile and on their own devices. 

Identity and Access Management (IAM) plays a critical role in any enterprise security plan, as it is inseparably linked to the security and productivity of companies.

3Columns approaches IAM from a risk management perspective, which often is different from traditional IT consultants or system integrators.  An IAM focused on addressing key risks the business is trying to address that aligns and scales to their business risk appetite will ultimately create better value and be more sustainable to the Organisation.


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