Managed Firewalls Services

Firewalls are fundamental to protecting network traffic including the flow of sensitive data. They are required for compliance to mandates like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Companies that don’t have the personnel resources available to manage their firewall or other security devices can close data security gaps and better prevent data breaches by using a managed firewall service.

Firewall management is resource-intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent costly breaches. Technical teams are shrinking and  workloads increasing but to “set and forget” your firewall is not an option.

Data leakage and reputational damage are serious threats and as the sophistication and complexity of attacks increase, specialist security skill sets are required to ensure these risks are mitigated.

THE MANAGED FIREWALL/ IPS Services provides-

1- Respond to threats faster.

2- Obtain comprehensive visibility in your security structure.

3- 24/7 Security Management.

4- Patch your security gaps.

Devices must be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats. Policies and configurations must be updated to ensure controls work in changing business environments. Traffic must be monitored continuously to detect & respond to threats before damage is done.

Manage your security issues with our efficient Managed Firewall/IPS services. Want to know more about our services, Reach us out at 3Columns.

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