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DNS is such an integral part of the internet that it’s important to understand how it works.

A DNS helps point web traffic to the right destination. It is used by everyone, everywhere and all internet traffic flows through it. For this reason, it is a highly sensitive system which is exposed to many threats from cyber attackers that aim to take control of a DNS, to infect and extract all data from it.

3Columns  DNS cloud-based solution delivers 24/7 DNS availability and helps to fend off large-scale DDoS attacks. Designed for use as either a primary or secondary DNS service, it is built on a globally distributed network and provides a highly scalable platform for maximum protection.

DNS security is a critical component of your infrastructure and a target for many of these attacks. Major challenges exist in securing DNS as it is an open global communication mechanism that is not well secured and often neglected in term. Enterprises can use purpose built hardware to secure their DNS infrastructure and apply best practices to ensure infrastructure is safe from modern day security threats.

DNS has been around for a long time, and every computer connected to the internet relies on it. Attackers now use DNS for both external and internal reconnaissance, to hijack traffic and to create covert communication channels. Luckily, by monitoring DNS servers and applying security analytics, many of these attacks can be detected and thwarted.

3Columns, is a leading provider of DNS Security over the years. Cyber Threats are increasing day by day, and we are very much reliable on the internet. Make sure your search results are safe and secure so that your organization. Schedule a Workshop today to execute the threats from your network with the help of our trained and professional engineers.

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