DNS Security

Add a crucial layer of security between your employees and the internet.

Automatically Block Out Unwanted content from your network

3Columns can help determine which DNS solution is most suited to your organisations and set it up??

Content Filtering

Protection from Botnets, Malwares & Phishing

Improved Speed

Your Domain Name System can be manipulated for malicious use


A party may register a domain that is extremely similar to your business and use this to gain sensitive information from your clients through emails or misguided web traffic.

DNS Hijacking

An attacker can redirect queries to a different domain through malware or modification of the DNS server to gain records that include a lot of useful information about the business.

On-Path Attacks

Without DNS security, communication between the web browser and web server can be intercepted to collect information or impersonate either party. Content being sent can be edited or modified for the personal benefit of the perpetrator.

Learn about cyber security

There ‘s  no one size fits all solution for cyber security services.While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe,we follow a proven 3 step system to ensuring a business has the highest level of security possible. 

Managed SIEM as a Service

Managed SIEM as a Service

Problem Statement Statistic shows us that an average company generate over 10GB logs/day which translates into

Secure Cloud Architecture

Secure Cloud Architecture

Security offerings and capabilities continue to evolve and vary between cloud providers. And there was a

Why Does your organization require a vulnerability scan?

Why Does your organization require a vulnerability scan?

  There is an element of risk for every business, especially after the advent of digital

Don't be a sitting duck.

There's hackers out there right now looking to target businesses like yours.

Don't be a victim,secure your business today.

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