Incident Response

What is an Incident? It is a form of incident or Cyberattack through which attackers try to breach data of an organization and affect the reputation of a company.

An Incident Response helps ensure an orderly, effective response to cybersecurity incidents, which in turn can help protect  an organization’s data, reputation, and revenue.

It is a methodology organization uses to and responds to manage a cyber attack.

As cyber attacks increase in scale and frequency, incident response plans become more vital to a company’s cyber defenses. Poor Incident response can alienate customers and can trigger greater government regulations.The leaders of any particular company need to under the requirement of a proper Incident Response Plan for their organization.

A company can not bear data loss and financial loss at the same time, so it is a long-term strategic goal in order to minimize disruption and limit data loss during and after an incident.

An effective Incident Response has-

  • Preparation
  • Detection and Analysis
  • Containment Eradication and Recovery
  • Post Incident Recovery

At 3Columns, we help companies improve their incident response operations by standardizing and streamlining the process. We’ll also analyze an organization’s existing plans and capabilities, with 3Columns service of  incident response can help organizations processes so they can better prevent, detect, and respond to a cybersecurity incident.

cybersecurity Incident Response

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