3rd Party Risk Assessment

Third-party risk assessment is essential for protecting your organization from a variety of threats but developing and overseeing a third-party risk management (TPRM) program can be extraordinarily resource intensive. The need is real – more than half of security breaches today originate with a third party. Yet the sheer volume of partners, vendors and other third parties makes robust third-party risk assessment almost cost prohibitive.

3Columns can help. We are a market leading provider of end to end cyber security Solutions. With the help of our diverse and talented team of security specialists, we offer third-party risk solutions that enable you to effectively plan, develop and manage third-party risk assessment more easily and cost-efficiently while significantly reducing your exposure to high-risk third-party relationships.

Our Services includes-

  • Program assessment
  • Program development
  • Discovery and categorization services
  • Security risk assessment services

With third-party risk assessment solutions from 3Columns, you can improve third-party risk management while minimizing cost and reducing the burden on IT teams that are already stretched thin by other priorities. Enhance your security today.

3rd party risk assessment

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