Vulnerability Management

It is a continuous process of testing, reporting, response and triage. Everyday at work you should think about your vulnerabilities and think how you will deal with them.

While vulnerability management isn’t a novel concept for most companies, it’s become clear that formerly accepted practices  such as quarterly vulnerability scans and remediation management plans are severely deficient means of defense.

Network vulnerabilities represent security gaps that could be abused by attackers to damage network assets, trigger a denial of service, and/or steal potentially sensitive information. Attackers are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit—and taking advantage of old vulnerabilities that may have gone unpatched.

Having a vulnerability management framework in place that regularly checks for new vulnerabilities is crucial for preventing cybersecurity breaches. Without a vulnerability testing and patch management system, old security gaps may be left on the network for extended periods of time. This gives attackers more of an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities and carry out their attacks.

It works over 4 main process-

1- Discovery

2- Reporting

3- Prioritization

4- Response

One of the fastest ways to detect vulnerability management is to use effective Vulnerability Management service.

At 3Columns,We will provide a continuous vulnerability management service for your network so that you can detect the malware and learn something new every day.

If you are worried about how they can be mitigated just no need to worry, let us handle this responsibility for your enterprise.

vulnerability management services

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