Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is an active defense strategy used by security analysts. It consists of searching iteratively through networks to detect indicators of compromise (IoCs) and threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) evading your existing security system.

Threat hunting involves a continuous loop of hypothesis and trial. A threat hunter assumes an attacker is already in the system, formulates a hypothesis, and works to prove or disprove it.

3Columns, Threat Hunter helps analysts outsmart attackers by simplifying threat detection. Threat Hunter allows investigators to use point-and-click search of specific criteria including by user, asset, event, risk type, alerts and attacker TTPs. Investigators can also search through timelines for unusual behavior. With Threat Hunter, analysts can respond faster, stopping attacks when they appear.

Our Threat hunting services provide you the complete report or each and every incidence-

1- Proactively hunts for known adversaries

2- Searches for hidden threats to prevent the attack from happening

3- Hunts for insider threats or outside attackers


  1. SIEM Solutions
  2. Analytics Tools
  3. Security Monitoring Tools

Threat hunting can provide significant value to a cybersecurity strategy. Based on the simple premise that no system is 100% secure, an experienced threat hunter can proactively detect and prevent even the most furtive attacker.

Let the hunt begin with 3Columns! No cyber threat will remain undetected, and no business will remain unprotected!

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