Threat Assessment

The ultimate goal for any business organization is to manage and mitigate risks as much as possible. It is crucial to know about the security breaches and attackers that often exist in your organization from months and years.

A cyber-security Threat Assessment can involve protecting information (e.g., the P.I.I. of your customers), networks (e.g., the internet at your offices), software (e.g., your customer management system), and hardware (the laptops and desktops of your employees). It uncovers past and ongoing attacks/activity, gaps in your defensive tools, and security controls requiring attention.

At 3Columns, we recommend annual assessments of critical assets with a higher impact and likelihood of risks. The assessment process creates and collects a variety of valuable information.

It will tell you about-

  • The threats to that system (unauthorized access, misuse of information, data leakage/exposure, loss of data, disruption of service);
  • determine inherent risks and impacts;
  • analyze and identify threat prevention, mitigation, detection, and compensation controls. Assess the extent existing controls mitigate the threats.
  • determine the likelihood of a threat occurring based on current controls.

Knowing your risks is the obvious first step, book your assessment today with 3Columns.

Threat Assessment

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