About Security Awareness and Training

Empower people to protect their organization.

No matter how advanced your security technology every organization risk has associated with its workforce. Human risk is difficult to quantify because stakeholders must consider every type of threat, malicious, negligent, and unwitting. Investing in a holistic program to educate and empower everyone who touches your network, inherently reduces the risk by increasing awareness and impacting culture.

At 3Columns, we customize our comprehensive security awareness training programs for your organization based on uncovered or perceived threats targeting your people.

Secure your organization with training.

1- Learn

2- Experience

3- Transform

Threats keep evolving and hackers are also changing their tactics. Security awareness training shouldn’t be a one-off undertaking, it needs to be an on-going process  for the safe environment.

Let’s not worry about it further, 3Columns have developed a training program that not only educate the end-user about the risks involved, but also make them aware on how to be cyber safe at work or at home.

Security Awareness

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