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95% of data breaches are due to human error. Make the weakest link in cyber security as your strongest asset in defence.

” It’s proven that Cyber Security Awareness Training reduces incidents by 56%”

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In this digital age online presence is the face of your business. Hacking techniques are evolving and the data value is going up, creating a lucrative business for hackers. This is making every business vulnerable. Penetration Testing provides the assurance that your IT infrastructure and Applications are safe.

Surprisingly businesses are not focused on the biggest cause of data breach

Businesses are deploying the latest and greatest technologies in an attempt to strengthen cyber security. In the process they forget to strengthen the biggest asset they have against cyber threat – their people. Organisations should focus on converting their weakness of human error into their strength to avoid running the following risks.

Out of Compliance

Your ISO27001 PCI compliance requires you to have cyber security awareness for your staff. The standards enforce these so that organisations can be better prepared.

More Incidents

Employees may be ignorant of security practices that should be followed, leading to new and repeat offenders clicking malicious links.

Lack of Board Endorsement

Without executive level training, cyber security projects and budget approval is seen to be much less prioritised. A missing downstream flow of cyber secure culture prevents organisations from being safe.

Convert the weakest link in Cyber Security to your biggest strength against Cyber Attacks

At 3Columns we believe Cyber Security Awareness training is one of the best ways to reduce the risk and meet your compliance requirements. We have years of experience in delivering training sessions.

To increase the Cyber Maturity Level of an organisation we not only train the end-users, but also deliver an organisation tailored program to train the Senior Executives and Board Members.

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Reduce Risk

Cyber Security Awareness training not only reduces the risk at work but in personal life as well.

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Increase Productivity

Trained are not only making infrastructure secure but also help in reducing downtime and increase productivity

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Reduce Incidents

In some cases trained staff tend to spot phishing emails or malicious activity better than systems. This reduces significant amount of incidents.

Ready to bolster Cyber security in the areas where it’s most effective ?

Learn about cyber security

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to cyber security services. While some companies install a firewall and think they are safe, we follow a proven 3 step system to ensure your business has the highest level of security possible. 

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Don't be a sitting duck

There's hackers out there right now looking to target businesses like yours

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