Secure Cloud Architecture

Security offerings and capabilities continue to evolve and vary between cloud providers. And there was a lot of questions about whether a cloud can genuinely be secured. There was a time when businesses were concerned about migrating to the cloud. Previously, shifting to the cloud meant opening your data to the risk of being breached. As technology becomes advanced, public trust in the safety of using cloud has also increased.

As a cloud security architect, your duties are to design applications to help the enterprise reduce attacks on cloud service data storage, create preventative features, and implement corrective controls when breaches do occur.

A secure cloud architecture brings together the robustness, depth of security, and visibility of the modern data center with the agility and service-based model of the public cloud.

It helps you in the following ways-

  • Architect for security-as-a-service
  • Implement sound identity, access management architecture and practice
  • Always encrypt or mask sensitive data
  • Do not rely on an IP address for authentication services

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