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Cyberattacks are on the rise, everyday a large number of businesses are suffering from such attacks. Cyber thieves are choosing such options just to encrypt important data from your network. Data is a valuable asset for any business organization and nobody wants to pay ransom for it.

Data security or Data safety is becoming a big question for all of us. Over the years, ransomware has become a lucrative scheme for cyber criminals and continues to intensify as a chronic problem for individuals and businesses alike. With cyber criminals abandoning their old schemes in favor of of this malicious software, learning to prevent ransomware attacks from occurring should be in preeminence

The biggest targets for such attacks are those who do not have proper knowledge of security awareness and this makes them easy to manipulate to choose any malicious link or file which can infect their file easily.

A Ransomware defence work as a guideline to prevent against such attacks, It provides basic knowledge about malware and ransomware so that it makes you knowledgeable enough  and saves you from becoming a victim of cyberattacks.

Tips and steps to prevent against Ransomware-

1- Backup your files and data-  Schedule a regular backup of your data. Regularly backing up your files is your best remedy when ransomware has infected your computer.

 There are multiple options here to backup your precious important data. From backing up to safe cloud providers to a local host. This method might not keep ransomware attacks away from your computer but it will definitely make the damage significantly less as you don’t need to deal with the attacker anymore to regain access to your encrypted content.

2- Security Awareness-   A formal cyber security  education is necessary for everyone. It tells you about IT protection and cyber safety. You can’t always rely on the defenders to protect you against every single malicious activity and that’s the reason why organizations trained their employees for security awareness so that they can protect themselves from an unauthorised act.

3- GPO restrictions-  an easy and affordable method for restricting not only ransomware, but malware in general from installing.


























































































































































t 3 columns, we know what businesses are requiring for cybersafety, through our services we can fend of Ransomware attacks if you are a victim of it. Discuss your needs today.

Ransomware defence management

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