Managing Privileged Access Hacking Threats

Privileged access is a game of managing risk, and breaches leveraging privileged access exploits will solidify as the ‘attack of choice’ this year. Privileged account credentials with connections to valuable systems give hackers access to critical systems without triggering any alarms, making those people and roles the ideal target for hackers. It’s no wonder that we’ve seen this particular attack vector utilized time and time again, and beyond that, outside third-parties and vendors with privileged access are particularly juicy targets because they often use legacy access methods like tunneling that create unrestricted and unmonitored attack footholds on a network. Effectively controlling and monitoring privileged access is central to an effective defense in depth strategy.

Privileged access management is important for companies that are growing or have a large, complex IT system. Many popular vendors, such as BeyondTrust, 3Coloumns have begun offering enterprise PAM tools.

This video will offer insight into how to mitigate cybercrime risks and create a winning network protection strategy.


Why 3Columns?

3Columns is a young cyber security company with years of experience in providing cyber security solutions. We provide comprehensive cyber security services that cover your business requirement end to end. Our managed service is not only built on the best tools, but also have in-depth knowledge and experience to provide you to best security coverage for your service.

We complement our managed SIEM service with GRC, Penetration Testing, Incidence Response and Management and Professional service capability. We partner with Government agencies like ACSC and use best threat intelligence to provide for our customers.This allows our customers to focus on growing their business than worry about cyber threats.



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