Secure Configuration Guides & Standards

A well profound security consulting company have its own guidelines and standards for security.

No matter if you are talking about a hardware deployment or Software installation in your company the security guidelines are same for both. Secure configuration refers to security measures that are implemented when building and installing computers and network devices in order to reduce unnecessary cyber vulnerabilities.

There is risk at every step, but it is not sure the risk will mitigate you directly or there are some configurations that have already done in your network that will tell about the particular risk.

Strong and secured working environment is a demand for all business owners and to meet those demands 3Columns come up with a Security configuration Scheme that includes all the policies and standards.

At 3Columns, we are here to help people with their security issues, and there are organizations for whom it is all Greek. Vulnerability and risks cannot be controlled as a whole but we can give it a break for a while. And for this most important security control is to implement secure configuration.

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Secure Configuration Guides and Standards

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