Compliance Readiness & Independent Assessment

With the enhancement of technology and the number of devices we are using on a regular basis the chances of breaching and mitigation are also increasing at the same level.

Hackers and attackers are becoming more powerful, there are ways to stop their control on our network but that doesn’t mean we are completely secure from them.

For the security agencies the adoption of new cybersecurity controls is must. This makes performing the compliance readiness assessment a top priority. A compliance assessment requires time, resources, cybersecurity expertise, and an intimate understanding of the NIST SP 800-171 security controls.

The IAF (Independent Assessment Framework) In chain with this the introduction of independent assessments is a significant milestone for the Customer Security programme, it was launched in 2016 and sets benchmark for security practices which are critical to defending against, detecting and recovering from cybercrime.

With 3Columns Compliance Readiness and IAF services, we meet the compliance requirements of our customers. With the help of our security team we identify gaps and controls them for better information security. 

We ensure that compliance is achieved as efficiently as possible, often uncovering weak points in a client’s cyber defenses.

Compliance Readiness and Independent Assessment

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