2020 Trends that Will Transform the IT Consulting Industry

Various social, economic and technological changes are shaping the IT consulting industry today, and organizations need to know what trends will emerge that will affect their business. Here are six trends in the IT consulting industry that will transform the way you do business in 2020.

Personalized Customer Experience

Customers today have become more aware of what they need, and can pinpoint the specific services they require, whether it is banking, shopping, health and other fields. It is, therefore, a must for IT consulting firms to keep developing customized design solutions and digital experiences for their clients. Personalization of services is an agency’s way of connecting with the modern customer.

At the same time, customers are concerned about how their personal information and online personas are used for customization purposes, according to a survey by Consultancy UK. For this reason, IT consulting firms must be wary of the methods used to create the service for their consumers.

Agencies should involve the customer in the decision-making process, making them co-creators of their digital experience, so they become more engaged and loyal to the brand.

Crowdsourcing and Freelancing

Many industries have been infiltrated by on-demand services that freelancing and crowdsourcing successfully provide. Since clients expect faster service delivery and expertise, traditional consultancies are challenged to match the convenience and flexibility the outsourcing model can give.

In the IT consulting industry, being agile and technology-focused can greatly help when dealing with clients in 2020. In addition to improving and personalizing the customer experience, agencies are expected to make it easier for clients to get the resolution they want at the quickest possible time.

In a Harvard Business Review study, it was revealed that there is a rise in independent consultancies, posing significant competition to traditional and big consultancy firms.

Artificial Intelligence and Automated Processes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are steadily gaining traction in many industries, IT consulting being one of them. Expect these technologies to become more prevalent in 2020 and beyond, as development updates are made.

From voice assistants to automated help desk and ticketing systems, IT consultancy firms are shaped by faster and more interactive experience for the customer. The automation trends will also benefit employees by freeing up valuable time so they can focus on core responsibilities, giving rise to new opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A trend in the IT industry that gained a considerable following in the last year are mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the outsourcing industry. Many traditional service providers have taken on digital marketing and engineering firms to provide multifaceted solutions to customers. Around 75% of tech acquisitions in 2019 were digital marketing, analytics, engineering, and technology solutions providers.

This synergistic approach to IT services can become a primary concern for customers. M&A can be disruptive but could also make a consultancy firm more competitive and attract customers who expect bigger and better services from IT companies.

Going Mobile

Mobile phones have become more than just communication tools using text and call functions. Today, these portable devices hold more power in consumer technology, shaping how businesses are taking advantage of this trend.

Worldwide, approximately 5.11 unique mobile users make more than 40% of online transactions on these devices. It has proven beneficial for businesses to target mobile users. In 2018, 93% of companies incorporating advanced personalization strategies witnessed revenue growth.

These figures can guide consultancy firms in designing and optimizing campaigns and consultations that focus on the importance of mobile devices to the Internet of Things or (IoT), wherein more than 8 billion devices are connected in circulation.

Recognizing FaaS

Failure as a Service (FaaS) is emerging as an offering sought by Cloud customers. It involves routinely performing large-scale failure drills in real deployments and devising fail-safe methods to help businesses plan accordingly.

New technologies have increased the demand for FaaS, helping firms fix and enhance what isn’t working. In 2020, this trend could transform an IT consulting agency that clients will want to hire.

Well-rounded IT Consulting Offerings

Knowledge is critical in business, which is why IT consulting firms take on a crucial role of guiding customers in setting their IT strategies to meet business demands of 2020. 3Columns could be right partner for you. Learn more about our technology services. Contact us today.

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